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UpWork vs PeoplePerHour vs Guru vs Freelancer

Please note that only the services/plans that are available for free (no monthly membership fees) have been reviewed in this article. UpWork Bids per Month - 30 Free bids per month Fees 20% (plus VAT calculated only for the 20% service fee) for the first $500 you bill...

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Useful Android Factory Codes

About Factory Codes Almost every device has some functions/features that can be enabled or disabled only by using a factory code. These factory codes, also known as secret codes, are usually very hard to find, because they are meant to be used only by service...

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Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S5

  The GPS chip of your Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot find any satellites   Solution : Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be able to find your current location through the GPS chip indoors or when it is too cloudy. You can set the device to use the wireless or the mobile...

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