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One Long and Two Short Beeps – Video Card Error

Solution:You should remove the video card from the computer, and then reinstall it. Please also make sure that the monitor/display is properly connected. Test the computer with another video card if the problem persists.

Continuous Beeping – Memory Error

Solution:You should push the installed memory module firmly into place, and then test the system. Please replace the memory modules if the problem persists.

One Long and Three Short Beeps – Video Card Detection Error

Solution:The video card is not installed or its memory is defective/damaged. Thus, you must make sure that the video card is installed correctly, and then test the machine. Please replace the video card if the problem persists.

Rapid Beeps – Overheating

Solution:The CPU of your system has reached or it is beyond the upper temperature threshold, which means that the installed processor is overheating. You should switch the computer off, and then unplug the power cord. After that, you must use a vacuum cleaner and/or compressed air to clean the radiator and the fan of the central processing unit of your system. You should also consider replacing the CPU thermal paste, and install additional system fans. Installing a bigger CPU fan and/or radiator is also a good idea in the current situation. Please replace the installed CPU if the problem persists.

Repetitive High and Low-pitch Beeps

Solution:This is a CPU related issue. You should make sure that the CPU is installed correctly, replace the thermal paste, and then clean all fans and radiators. Replace the installed CPU if the problem persists.