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The Blue Light Of Death issue has affected thousands of PlayStation 4 consoles. The problem seems to appear even with freshly unpacked, brand new PS fours. After the user presses the Power button, the console turns on, the blue LED panel starts flashing, and everything ends at this point. The console just keeps flashing in blue, and there is no signal send to the connected TV. I have listed the most common and effective troubleshooting solutions for this problem below.

Solution 1

Press and hold down the Power button of your PlayStation 4 for at least 8 seconds, and then unplug the power cord of the console. After that, you must switch the PS 4 back on and test it.

Solution 2: Check the Hard Drive

A loose hard drive connection can cause the Blue Light Of Death to appear. Thus, you must make sure that the hard drive of your PlayStation four is properly installed.

Solution 3: TV Firmware Update

You should navigate to the Information menu of the TV that is connected to the PlayStation 4 and check the version of the installed Firmware. After that, you must visit the official website of the manufacturer of your TV, and check which is the last/newest Firmware version for your TV model. Please update the Firmware of your TV if a newer Firmware version is available.

Solution 4: Change Cables

You should check the HDMI cables and ports for damages. All defective/damaged cables should be replaced. Please send your console to an authorized service technician if you notice any irregularities in the HDMI port area.

Solution 5: Check for newly released patches

You should visit the Sony website in order to check for any new patches for your console. Normally, the patches are really easy to install. You have to simply download the patch, transfer it to a PlayStation 4 compatible USB stick, and then install the patch.

Solution 6: The Exotic One

You should switch your PS 4 off, and then unplug all cables. After that, you must insert only the power cord into the console, and then press the Power button. Now, you must wait until the blue light goes off and a white light appears. At this point, you must plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI1 port of your TV (the TV should be on), and then insert the HDMI cable into the HDMI socket of your PS4 while the white light is on.

Solution 7: Video Input Sources

First, you must make sure that you have selected the appropriate video input source on your TV. If the correct source is selected, you must cycle through the different video input sources several times, and then switch back to the correct one.

Solution 8: Safe Mode

In the initial step of the eight BLOD troubleshooting procedure, you must make sure that the PlayStation 4 is switched on, and then hold down the Power button until you hear two beeps. Now, you must check if the console has entered the Safe Mode, and then familiarize yourself with the Safe Mode menu options. Once you have checked the features available under Safe Mode, you should start experimenting. Try different resolutions, use the third sub-menu to update the system software, try using your PS 4 with the default settings by selecting the fourth option, rebuild the database, or even reinstall the system software. Please restart and test your PS 4 after each change.

Please leave a comment if you have a better solution.