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The GPS chip of your Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot find any satellites


Solution :

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be able to find your current location through the GPS chip indoors or when it is too cloudy. You can set the device to use the wireless or the mobile network in order to localize you. Please be aware that the S5 will send/receive background data, which can lead to data transfer charges and additional taxes. Please also note that the network localization is not as accurate as the Global Positioning System localization. The localization error while using networks will be in the range from 10 to 50 meters.

Your computer does not detect the S5 through USB


Solution :

Please be aware that computers using operating systems prior to Windows XP Service Pack 3 won’t be able to detect your Samsung Galaxy S5. If your computer uses Windows XP SP3 or higher but the S5 still does not show under the connected USB devices, then you must make sure that the USB cable is properly connected at both sides. Please also make sure that the USB cable is compatible with both devices, and also check the cable and the USB ports for damages. You must make sure that the USB hub is compatible (and not overloaded) if you are using one. In case that the connectivity problem is still present, you should check for any updates, patches, and/or related hot-fixes available online. And most importantly, make sure that you have the most recent version of Samsung Kies and Windows Media Player.

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Does Not Find Bluetooth Devices


Solution :

The maximum Bluetooth connectivity range of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is up to 10 meters. Thus, you must make sure that the second Bluetooth device is in the specified range. It might sound a little stupid, but please also make sure that Bluetooth connectivity is activated on both devices.

Getting an Error Message on your Samsung Galaxy S5 while trying to open a media file


Solution :

Before digging any deeper, you must make sure that the available free storage space on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is sufficient. Using your S5 while important resources, such as storage space, have been used up, inevitably leads to all kinds of resource-related errors. If your S5 has enough free resources, you should check if the media file is DRM-protected. You cannot play DRM-protected files without having the appropriate licenses/keys. The next troubleshooting step is to make sure that the Samsung Galaxy S5 supports the format of the problematic file. You can try to download new codecs or an entire media player that supports the format of the desired media file.

You want to take a photo or to record a video but an error message appears on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5

Solution :This problem can be caused by an insufficient battery juice, insufficient free memory, not responding driver, or a hardware malfunction. You should restart your S5, connect it to a charger, and then free some space. Please send your phone to an authorized repair shop or to your dealer if the problem persists.

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting too hot


Solution :

That is absolutely normal. After all, your device has been manufactured in a chinese factory using components that cost less than the ones used in your 30 years old Sony Walkman. Sounds tough, but unfortunately it is true.

The Battery of your Samsung Galaxy S5 lasts two milliseconds


Solution :

Well, make sure that your S5 isn’t throwing juice all over the place. What I mean is to disable all running applications that you are not currently using. Or maybe your S5 has a cold. Temperature affects all batteries, and you will have to connect the charger more often if you are on the top of a mountain or on a remote iceberg somewhere in the pacific. The last possible cause could be related to the fact that the juice-holder of your S5 isn’t immortal. Maybe the time for a battery replacement has come.

The battery of your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not charge


Solution :

So, your S5 refuses to take charge. It’s kind of annoying right? There are several things that you can do to solve the problem. First, you should check the charger for damages and replace it if such exist. Second, you should clean the gold-platted battery terminals of your S5. Third, try using another battery and charger.

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 freezes on an hourly basis or stops responding with a message notifying you about a fatal error


Solution :

You should switch the S5 off, remove the battery, and then wait at least ten minutes. After that, you should test the S5. If the phone continues to freeze or give fatal errors, you should press the [Power] and [Volume Down] buttons simultaneously and hold them down for at least 8 seconds. Please consider hard resetting your S5 if the problem persists. You can hard-reset the Samsung Galaxy S5 by selecting [Settings] – [Backup and reset] – [Factory Data Reset] – [Reset Device] – [Erase Everything].

You are experiencing problems with the response of the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5


Solution :

You should remove any protective covers, sheets, foil, etc.., from the touch screen of your S5 as these accessories reduce the sensitivity of the sensors. You should also make sure that the display is clean. Greasy spots and dust also decrease the sensitivity of the touch screen. Another thing that you should do is updating the firmware of your S5. You will have to send your Samsung Galaxy S5 for repairs if you notice any physical damages to the display.